Equality & Diversity

At Airborn we strive to make every child feel welcome, this includes those with developmental conditions such as Autism, ADHD & Dyspraxia. There are various studies which show the benefits of sport for children with these conditions, learning how to move and control your body can be a massive confidence boost & teaches independence from an early age. We are a caring community and as students and parents will agree, the benefits of training with us are numerous; don’t take our word for it! Come down to one of our sessions and watch your child flourish in a safe & secure environment.

Due to the nature of Autism Spectrum Disorder, it is often difficult for children with the condition to get involved with typical team sports such as football etc. The philosophy of Freerunning encourages personal development as opposed to being part of a team and due to this we often see children with ASD flourish with our fully qualified coaches encouraging and guiding them through every aspect of their training.

Structure, order & lack of communication are often keys to success in sport, due to this a child with ADHD may find themselves the biggest opposition on the playing field. Within our sessions emphasis is placed on the individual & their own progression; because our students are often working in small groups with highly qualified coaches there is little opportunity for distraction.

Children with Dyspraxia often struggle with coordinating movement, our bespoke equipment creates a safe & soft environment in which children struggling with motor skills can learn safely. Our fully qualified coaches can break each skill down step by step so that even the most complex skills can be learned safely.

They’re an organization who make children matter, who care for each other & encourage each other Warren Dutton – Assistant Headteacher