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Frequently asked Questions

How to create an account on MindBody?

To create your new MINDBODY account linked with Airborn Academy the most easiest way is to follow the link on our homepage there you will be taken to the “Create an Account” Page. If you are on a desktop the process will be straight forward, If you are on a phone it is easier to navigate & set-up via desktop view mode. Once complete you will be able to book many classes at airborn academy.

Why do I have to use desktop view?

You don’t have to use the desktop view however we feel it is easier to navigate through the website easier and you can see the whole site instead of it being converted into a smaller scale to fit on a phone device.

How do I view desktop view on mobile or Tablet?

Simple! if you are on an Apple device simple click on your browser settings and request to view desktop mode. On an Android on your browser settings click view desktop.

Why shouldn’t I download the MindBody app?

We encourage everyone to avoid downloading the MINDBODY App due to their network being split into two separate servers. The MindBody app is connected to all of the other businesses they offer & would have you create a second login which we have found confuses people when they try to login via just the desktop view mode that we provide. The app also does not include certain features that the desktop view mode does which are important to Airborn Academy such as Adding family members & other payment options.

How do I add Family members?

When you first create an account you will be asked to fill in your full details and also the option to add family members such as children or siblings saving you time having to create another account.

How do I make multiple bookings?

Multiple bookings can be done however you will need to select the class you want, add it to your cart then go back and select another class. If you want to make multiple bookings of the same class the process is the same.

Why do I need a membership

We encourage everyone to join a membership as in the long run it is far cheaper than our drop-in rates. With our memberships you have the choice of three different options that give you access to a variety of different classes. Also each year our Drop-in rates are subject to change so having a memberships is more ideal.

How do I cancel a membership

If you wish to cancel your membership at anytime due to whatever reason simply contact our reception team who will cancel your membership for the end of the month. Any sessions you still have left you will still be able to use until the end of the memberships contracted date.

How safe is Parkour

The Airborn Academy is a purpose built environment with bespoke equipment to assist in the coaching and development of Parkour, freerunning and the other activities, however, participants, parents and guardians need to be aware these are all dangerous activities which like in any sport, can potentially involve the risk of serious injury.We ensure risks are minimised through compulsory warm ups, our stringent coaching and training methods and robust safety standards implemented at the Academy. The Airborn Academy Coaching Team are always aware of safety during the delivery of classes and as students develop their skills, they are also taught how to assess the risks to ensure they do not train above their skill level and follow progressions of movements to build up to higher level skills.Students must always advise a coach if they have any injury, illness or any other medical condition which could compromise their ability to perform or train.

What do I need to wear?

Joggers or shorts and a t-shirt, make sure you are comfortable and not restricted. Clean gym shoes are permitted on the Modublox, bar & sprung floor area. It is compulsory that any shoes worn whilst training at our facility are indoor only, this helps us keep our equipment clean & in good condition. No shoes at all are allowed in the airbag or on the trampolines.

How old do I have to be?

We deliver sessions for all age ranges from 4 years old right through to adults. Sessions are split by ability and are specified on the Classes tab on our MINDBODY booking site. our timetable.

My child is not 18 can they still come without me?

We appreciate there are older students who although are not yet 18, they are old enough for their parents or guardian to allow them to travel to the Academy independently so would not have a parent or guardian with them to sign in at registration. To do this the student needs to either become an Airborn Academy Member or ensure their parent or guardian has already completed a Consent Form which then includes their parent or guardians authorisation that the student can attend and sign in sessions without them being present.

Do you run sessions in half term?

We run multiple half term camps at different time slots such as Tumble Camp & Freerunning camp. Please check our social media account to keep up to date on when we will be running camps.

What is Team Escape?

Team escape is our ongoing elite programme for those students who excel within Freerunning and are looking to push themselves further. We have two programmes for Team escape our development team that are gradually building up to that performance level & our Performance team that are at an ability we would consider advanced.

What are the grading bands?

Our grading bands are at the heart of our students progression & to motivate each student to learn and understand new movements. From our beginners White band, Intermediate Blue band, Advanced Red band & Pro Black band. Each student has there own grading manual so each session they attend there is always an element of progression however small.

What is cheerleading?

Cheerleading is a team-based sport that involves stunting, pyramids, baskets, tumbling, jumps and dance. It was initially started in the USA, and now it’s the fastest growing sport in the UK. To perform a cheerleading routine you need to be able to throw someone in the air then immediately do your gymnastics tumble pass. You need to have a variety of skills to compete a routine – and this variety means the sport is always exciting!

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What are open sessions & the rules?

Open sessions are designed for you to train your way with our coaches supervising the session & on hand to help if required.

These sessions are for ages 12+ only were stated & Prior experience is required (x5 structured sessions

or equivilent).

You Must have a MindBody account & completed a waiver (No account no entry) 

Ability levels can be assessed by coaches discretion

(ask to speak to one of our coaches)