About us
Airborn Academy

Airborn Academy is a state of the art urban sports facility situated close to Liverpool City centre on Boundary Street. We are based within the film studio complex & are less than 10 minutes away from Sandhills train station.

Our unique venue is the first of its kind in the country dedicated to the coaching, training & development of freerunning but we don’t stop there! We also offer classes in a variety of alternative  urban sports including; Cheerleading, Trampolining, Tumbling, Break dancing, Aerial & martial Tricking. Airborn Academy’s  facility  includes an urban obstacle ‘Modublox’ set up, competition size sprung floor, cirque style Aerial equipment, Dance studio along with an  innovative raised training area containing our dynamic bar set up, sunken trampolines & fast track, all leading to our state of the art stunt airbag.

The skilled &  fully qualified coaches within Airborn Academy are always on hand to provide instruction on any aspect of your training with a wealth of professional coaching  experience & knowledge built around years of practice, we truly do have something for everyone. We promise there is no better place to get creative! Come down & express yourself through the art of movement! Not only will your strength & stamina improve but you’ll also meet some totally awesome & like minded people in the process! You’ll even get to pick up some tips from our very own Co-founder & Head coach, 2x world freerunning champion & Professional freerunner, Mr Ryan Doyle!

freedom of mind, freedom of body, freedom of movement.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is freerunning and parkour and is there a difference? OK, let’s ask Ryan Doyle to answer this one …Parkour in the global community is seen as the most efficient way of getting from point A to point B or philosophically, to achieve your goals in the most efficient way. You can set a target or a destination and connect the dots efficiently to get there. Freerunning is different in that there is no destination, you are just expressing yourself through movement. You don’t have to go from point A to point B, you can spend the entire day on a park bench or playground just figuring out how your body moves. It’s basically creative movement because you can’t be efficient unless you’ve explored what the body is capable of first.

The Airborn Academy is a purpose built environment with bespoke equipment to assist in the coaching and development of Parkour, freerunning and the other activities, however, participants, parents and guardians need to be aware these are all dangerous activities which like in any sport, can potentially involve the risk of serious injury.We ensure risks are minimised through compulsory warm ups, our stringent coaching and training methods and robust safety standards implemented at the Academy. The Airborn Academy Coaching Team are always aware of safety during the delivery of classes and as students develop their skills, they are also taught how to assess the risks to ensure they do not train above their skill level and follow progressions of movements to build up to higher level skills.Students must always advise a coach if they have any injury, illness or any other medical condition which could compromise their ability to perform or train.

All sessions, ages and costs are detailed on our Classes tab along with the weekly timetable. They are also announced daily on our social media so get following! In addition, school sessions, private bookings and 121 sessions can be arranged, simply email info@airbornacademy.com with your request for details on costs and availability.

Joggers or shorts and a t-shirt, make sure you are comfortable and not restricted. Clean gym shoes are permitted on the Modublox, bar & sprung floor area. It is compulsory that any shoes worn whilst training at our facility are indoor only, this helps us keep our equipment clean & in good condition. No shoes at all are allowed in the airbag or on the trampolines.

We deliver sessions for all age ranges from 5 years old right through to adults. Sessions are split by age and all ages are specified on the Classes tab and our timetable. Freerunning, aerial, Taekwondo and cheerleading classes start from 5 years old.

Yes, select your class and come along. We recommend arriving about 15 minutes before the start time if you have not been before.Anyone new to the Academy will be required to complete a Consent Form and Induction. The Consent Form is downloadable on the website which you can complete prior to attending. This needs a parent or guardian signature for those under 18.You can attend 3 classes then need to become an Airborn member at a one off cost of £25 which then covers your insurance for a year plus other membership offers and benefits.

Parents are welcome to stay and watch from our cafe area. Tea, coffee and drinks can be purchased from reception, snacks from a vending machine and we have complimentary Wi-Fi.We strongly recommend that parents or guardians do stay with the under 10s. An emergency name and contact number is always required when signing in at reception and under 18s also need a parent or guardians signature.

We appreciate there are older students who although are not yet 18, they are old enough for their parents or guardian to allow them to travel to the Academy independently so would not have a parent or guardian with them to sign in at registration. To do this the student needs to either become an Airborn Academy Member or ensure their parent or guardian has already completed a Consent Form which then includes their parent or guardians authorisation that the student can attend and sign in sessions without them being present.

Of course you can!For the freerunning classes, you need to attend our structured sessions first. These are fully instructed by our coaches and will get you going on the basic skills and progression of moves to build your confidence and safely develop your skills.Beginners should not attend any open freerunning sessions. The Senior Coaches will advise when the student is at the appropriate skill level to attend the open sessions. Open sessions are only for age 11+, all age 5-10 classes are fully structured.
If in doubt, just ask one of the coaches who will advise you.

We offer pay as a drop in for which ever class you are about to take or the more preferred way to pay via our online booking system this secures your spot for you.

The answer is yes, we do – keep a check on our website and social media for further details and timetables will also be available from reception as holiday timetables are put together.

On the last Sunday of every month, we will open our doors at 4:30pm to ALL cheerleaders and teams (not just our Airborn Nitros) for 4 hours to practise and perfect your cheer skills using our awesome facilities which includes a competition size sprung cheer floor, tumble track, dance studio and 7m fast track into our huge foam pit. There will be qualified cheer, freerunning and tumbling coaches on hand to provide guidance and advice. For ages 10+ and the cost is £10 for the full session.

Please email info@airbornacademy.com to pre-book your place and a Consent form which will need completing and signing prior to training. Under 18s will also require the signature of a parent or guardian at registration.


  • Please arrive for your session on time, we suggestion arriving up to 15 minutes before the session. If you are late you may miss the warm up resulting in you being unable to participate in the session
  • Come to the gym ready to train to the best of your ability
  • Please leave any personal belongings in storage provided, personal belongings are not to be taken onto the floor. 
  • No food or drink is to be consumed whilst on the floor, ensure that water bottles are left in storage provided
  • No jewelry to be worn on the floor, this includes watches, chains, earrings & bracelets
  • Any rubbish should be placed in the bins provided, have respect for the gym & do not leave it a mess
  • Any equipment used during an open session is to be put back in its designated place at the end of the session
  • If you are participating in an open session it is your responsibility to stay within your ability.
  • Be supportive of all other students, any form of bullying will not be tolerated within the academy
  • Be respectful of the coaches & their decisions
  • Young children are not to leave the gym without a parent or guardian
  • If you are banded please lead by example, treat the gym, treat staff & students with the respect they deserve
  • Do not be disruptive during sessions, if you are disruptive of other student’s training you may be asked to sit out of the session for a time in order to regain focus
  • During open sessions please be aware of your surroundings
  • Airborn operates a zero tolerance policy towards any illegal items or substances, if you bring anything fitting this description into the academy you will be asked to leave