“One of the best school programmes in the Country”

Airborn Academy has been working in partnership with schools around Liverpool since 2008. Our enrichment programme has been developed by our highly skilled and qualified coaches, working closely with local sports and physical activity specialist. We realised that by demonstrating to children that if they put in the hard work, they will improve. Without even realising it at the time, we have been teaching children that if they have a ‘growth mindset’
they can improve at everything.

Furthermore, our programmes can help your school achieve the outcomes set by the Government in accordance with the PE Premium guidelines in the following ways:

All of our classes comply with the National Curriculum for physical education which aims to ensure:

  • The engagement of all pupils aged 5 to 18 in regular physical activity – we can assist both with in-school activities and extra-curricular classes at our Academy.
  • Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils – we offer a range of sports that aren’t available on the national curriculum such as parkour and cheerleading, and we can also support and enrich schools’ gymnastics programmes with our tumbling classes.
  • Increased participation in competitive sport – pupils who are introduced to our sessions often come and join our Academy. For example, our cheerleading teams regularly compete in national and international championships, which develops team spirit and improves focus and goal setting.
  • Up-skill Teachers – our coaches can work alongside PE teachers, provide lesson plans and resources which will improve their knowledge and understanding of the sports we provide, and allow them to develop their programmes further.

Our sessions are structured, follow a syllabus
and have set goals and outcomes so progress can be tracked. 

  • To improved fitness levels.
  • To impact  on pupils’ ability to learn through improving self-esteem, motivation, concentration and thinking skills across the whole curriculum, not just in PE.
  • To raising aspirations as children realise that the ‘Yes! Feeling’ they get when they improve their skills in sports can also be achieved by getting good marks in their studies.
  • To Encourage healthy eating
  • Developing a ‘GrowthMindset’. This is a tool for learning and improvement.  Children with a growth mindset believe qualities can be developed through dedication and effort; they are more likely to see setbacks as an opportunity and relish taking on difficult situations.

Our  coaches have deliver professional well structured sessions to any age group & can alter the sessions at any given time if need be. We have introduced Parkour to hundreds of schools both primary & secondary & also work closely with colleges & university campuses across merseyside. We’ve also provided after-school clubs and workshop events. The coaches work closely with staff & student to make sure the communication & understand is always at a high standard.


We promise to provide a unique experience where people of all ages can come to have fun, gain new skills, make friends and increase their confidence. We offer workshops in freerunning, trampolining, gymnastics, cheerleading, aerial silks and various martial arts; both within our fantastic state of the art centre or within your school facilities, including after school clubs and multi-sports package days.

We can provide mobile equipment to facilitate learning within schools or groups can come to our amazing sports facility.  Our skilled and fully qualified Airborn Academy coaches have a wealth of professional coaching experience and provide instruction, guidance and advice on any aspect of training.

For more information regarding pricing, availability or anything else about our school/college programmes please do not hesitate to contact us either via by phone on 0151 345 6112 or